Why We’re Different

Personalized Plan of Care

Many of our patients complain that their previous experiences in physical therapy have been disappointing. A lot of clinics are just an assembly line, where patients are just put through the same circuit of exercises. At Ascent, we understand that everyone and every injury are different, even day to day. That’s why you get plenty of personalized attention every visit to manage these changes and update your plan of care. This cuts down on recovery time and keeps you progressing!

Treated by Doctor Every Visit

At Ascent Therapy Clinic, you will be treated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy every visit to ensure the best quality of care. Our team of therapists will collaborate to come up with the best possible treatment session every time you step foot in our office.

We Are You

We are a team of professionals who are athletes first. Our practitioners are avid skiers, snowboarders, golfers, hikers, runners, dancers, rock climbers, and weight-lifters. We truly understand what our patients are feeling and know how to address their injuries both physically and emotionally. Whether it’s to help you ski again or lift your grandchild, we will be there every step of the way.