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Our mission at Ascent Therapy Clinic is to help you live your best life by providing top-tier health and physical therapy services. Whatever your needs and goals may be, we want to help you reach them. Check out some of our services below, and call us today to get started.

Physiotherapist Doing Dry Puncture On Back Of Male Patient
Hands Of Physiotherapist Doing A Dry Needling

Functional dry needling refers to the insertion of thin filament needles into muscles in order to improve symptoms. In a trigger point, there is a spontaneous electrical activity (SEA) present. The needle causes an electrical effect which causes the twitch response. After the needling and the twitch response, the SEA is no longer present. The muscle lets go of its self-perpetuating contraction. With the decrease in muscle contraction, there is an increase in blood flow to the area. There is also an increase in substances that help build and restore normal tissue and tissue function in the area. Research has shown that after needling and the twitch response the chemical environment, as well as the electrical activity in the muscle, returns toward normal.

Doctor Or Physiotherapist Working Examining Treating Injured Arm

Physiotherapist Working Examining Treating Injured Back Of Athle

Functional movement screens (FMS) is a research-proven system that works to reduce the risk of injury by identifying functional limitations and asymmetries in individuals who are performing functional training and physical conditioning activities. Although anyone interested in taking their physical training to the next level or looking to prevent injury while training/exercising can benefit from FMS, it is ideal for youth athletes, active exercisers, individuals who suffer from chronic injuries, or individuals getting started in a fitness routine.

Human Heart Circulation

Clogged Artery

Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR) is a new evidence-based treatment involves short bouts of light strengthening exercises while blood flow is being partially blocked to that affected limb. This device fools the body into thinking that the muscle is working under duress, therefore triggering a cascade of processes to repair that muscle, even though no damage is being done. This treatment allows an individual to make substantial muscle gains comparable to lifting heavy weights. This treatment has shown to be an effective tool in post-operative care with a substantial improvement in time to return to activity due to decreasing muscle atrophy.

Myofascial Release

Trigger Point Therapy

Tightness of the tissues that restricts motion and pulls the body out of alignment ​will lead to overuse and asymmetry. Myofascial release treats overuse, trauma, infectious agents, inactivity, muscle tension, diminished blood flow, loss of flexibility or function after an injury, and ongoing pain in any area containing soft tissue. The treatment aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles.

Patient Exercising Under Physiotherapist Supervision In Rehabilitation Center

Patient Exercising Under Physiotherapist Supervision In Rehabilitation Center

Are you a runner experiencing pain? ​Learn more about your running form and what we can do to help you continue to log miles. Here’s what you’ll receive in running gait analysis:

  • In-depth video running gait analysis conducted by a Licensed Physical Therapist trained in running analysis by the North American Sports Medicine Institute
  • First visit lasting 15-30 minute session to include filming 3 separate angles and musculoskeletal analysis
  • Second visit lasting 45-60 minute sessions to include a personalized home exercise program and musculoskeletal analysis based on findings of your video analysis
  • A color printout of screenshots with an explanation of gait deviations are likely contributing to pain
  • A home exercise program to remedy deviations/issues found in individualized gait analysis

Vacuum Medical Cups In Hands.

Cupping Therapy Spa Woman Removes

Cupping is a technique that the therapists at Ascent Therapy use frequently. In most manual treatment modalities, including massage, foam rolling, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, they use positive pressure to affect tissue change and improve vascularization. However, sometimes, a tissue is painful and tight because it is bound down and pressing on it further only makes it tighter and more painful. In that case, we use therapeutic cupping to pull the pressure off the injured or inflamed tissue. We use functional movement techniques with cupping that improves the pliability of the tissue across all the different ranges of motion.

Recovery After Knee Surgery

Post Surgical Rehabilitation (1)

After surgery, it is critical to re-establish normal strength, range of motion, joint mobility, proprioception, and soft tissue mobility. Our physical therapists are experts in post-operative care for a multitude of injuries including, ACL reconstruction, Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Rotator Cuff Tear and more. In working with many of the premier surgeons in the country, our post-op protocols and progression will help you get back to pre-injury quickly and safely.

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