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Our team at Ascent Therapy Clinic strives to provide an exceptional customer experience from start to finish. Please take a look at our testimonials.

Johnny Skier

Jeff, Will, and the whole staff are incredible. All experts at, and passionate about, what they do. I came to them with little hope of relief, with chronic, sports injury and nervous system related pain in my neck, back, and entire right arm. Through Jeff and Will's aggressive, empathetic, and thorough multiple week treatment, I experienced relief and comfort I'd not thought possible. Quite literally life changing. Thank you. 🙏 I very highly recommend Ascent Therapy. 👍

Regan “Ray1627” Leigh

I had a spinal fusion back in August of 2021, and I came to Ascent Therapy Clinic once I was able. I started working with Annaleise, and could not be happier. I was very nervous on how I would feel after surgery, but I’ve never felt better. The physical therapy and dry needling has made a huge difference, and Annaleise is so knowledgeable and compassionate. Because of her amazing work and this clinic, I’m honestly able to continue living my life as normal as possible. Highly recommend!!

Kristen Hopkins

TESS IS AMAZING! I've been experiencing sciatic pain during my pregnancy and have a huge fear of needles. She was so compassionate and empathetic and helped me overcome my fear to be able to take advantage of the dry needling techniques she was recommending. She is also incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about caring for her patients and it gave me huge confidence in her recommendations. And she was right to recommend dry needling - it has been a night and day change in my pain management.
I cannot speak more highly of the care I've been given at Ascent Therapy. In general, the staff is so friendly and welcoming.

Sterling Stowe

I can't recommend this clinic enough. All of the staff is friendly, helpful and goes above and beyond. I worked with Dr. Annaleise Lake for a climbing related injury which was great because she is a climber too. Her background was helpful because she understood the types of stress that climbers subject their fingers too and was able to tailor the care to my needs. In addition to helping me through the healing process, she gave me a lot of exercises and techniques to prevent future injuries. Highly recommend!

Heidi D

Jeff went above and beyond to diagnose and treat my back issues and hand numbness, he also saved me over a 1000.0 a month due to being told I needed weekly chiropractor alignments by 2 different chiropractors. Jeff was determined to correct the issue and did in a short amount of time . I’m very thankful I was able to get back to work and school so quickly . Definitely recommended!!!!!!

Carolyn Rupp

This physical therapy clinic is the BEST - hands down! The environment is warm. I trust their knowledge and techniques. My PT, Tess, is amazing! She watches how my body moves throughout my treatment and customizes my treatment based on what she sees, to maximize results. All of the professionals at Ascent Therapy Clinic are top notch. My surgeon is very happy with my progress and so am I. My only regret is that I will miss Tess and the personalized experience I have with her and Ascent when my PT is complete.

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